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Water Damage Testimonials

This crew absolutely made me feel at ease about the fire and its effects on my whole house. I am very impressed with their professionalism and their attention to details. They could not have been kinder to me.

Wonderful, courteous and professional. Thank you!!!!!!

Very thankful to all the people that was at our home today and started the clean up process. But it has been very stressful.thanks SERVPRO of Birmingham. Mr. Jeff that came by daily to check on the equipment made me understand the whole process and if not for him reassuring me and guiding us through the process I would have had a total break down. Losing your home to water damage is devastating in itself. Thanks for all you've done.

All of the guys that came to my home were awesome

The team has been wonderful to work with! Very caring and empathetic. Always on time and informative.

The SERVPRO personnel was great

We recommend that all other SERVPRO's use Team Wilson's model for job efficiency, quality and service. 

The personnel were all fantastic and performed their jobs very well. All were very friendly and courteous. Ernesto was the best!

The SERVPRO personnel was great

Process was effortless for me. SERVPRO even helped me with Insurance Company.

This is the first time that I have had to use SERVPRO. They have done a wonderful job at getting the entire 2200 square ft downstairs of my home that flooded completely cleaned up. Everyone involved has gone the extra mile to keep us comfortable. I want to thank four (4) beautiful ladies who came and packed for 5 days to get the furniture and other things out of the home so construction can start. Thank you, Michelle, Brittney, Kimberly C, and Christina G. for a job awesomely well done. They are the best packers I have ever had to help pack in the past. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO and especially the men involved with this job and the 4 ladies who have worked tirelessly to get this done. Thank you all so very much!!!!!

SERVPRO is awesome! Our kitchen flooded from a burst faucet and SERVPRO has been a much needed help throughout the process. Jeff Rice and his guys have kept great communication and worked around my boyfriends nightshirt schedule perfect! Great job SERVPRO!

The gentleman who came AM on 9/1/2018 called 8/31/2018, to ask if he could come out Sat. I said yes but it will have to be early. He said fine and was at my home @ 7:59am & I had said 8:00am because I had appts rest of day. He was so NICE, POLITE and PROFESSIONAL!!!

Excellent staff

Everyone with SERVPRO was excellent all the way through!

very satisfied with the work and the workers

Great work!

Ernesto did great

Thank you SERVPRO for the service provided to me when I had water problems. Mr. Cameron Boudreaux and Mr. Adam Bittner were very professional and proficient in this work. They clearly explained everything and kept me informed each step of the way and the end result was very satisfying. I would gladly recommend SERVPRO to anyone needing this type of service.

Everyone was Great!

I highly recommend SERVPRO for water cleanup.  They were at my house for total 12 days. 5 days of cleanup and 7 more days of fans for drying. 
So impressed with the entire terrible experience.Clean up personnel so very professional. Every day Jeff Rice . Production Manager, was at my house checking to see if water was drying everyday. So impressed that I am allowing SERVPRO to do the restoration.  Hope I never have a problem like this again, but if I do I will be calling them.

My washer caused my appointment to flood. SERVPRO was on top of it and sent someone to check on  the drying process everyday. Mr Jeff Rice was very flexible and worked with my schedule. Water damage is never fun but SERVPRO helped me with the process of getting my place headed back to normal. Very professional people. I would definitely recommend them

Jeff was very easy to work with

Everyone I dealt with exceeded my expectations.

They were great

Great service

Ernesto Ragazzoni was the best person to assist me with every issue. Thanks

The service was excellent

Great job by all of SERVPRO

They are very knowledgeable in their jobs

They were quick in response and got it done for less than their estimate.

Everything was great!

The staff was great to work with! Kevin explained everything thoroughly and all the staff including the guys who came out to set up the equipment and the guys who did ceiling demolition were great! Everyone was pleasant and friendly and always arrived on time for scheduled times. I really appreciate that!

Very nice people, liked everyone

Great job!

Great guys!!

The entire staff was immediate to respond, so sympathetic in our crisis, and excellent in their service

Very professional

Pleased with phone alert, and promptness. Reliability, dependability is gold standard for service industry.

SERVPRO of Birmingham did a fantastic job on the mitigation of my water damage. Fast, knowledgeable, friendly service, you just can't beat that. They were fast to respond to my call and had things dry in just a few days and they cleaned up behind themselves. I highly recommend using SERVPRO for any water damage needs. Shout out to Chris Huggins, Mark Hargus, and Kevin Blankenship for all the good work!

Everyone was very courteous, helpful and understanding under a very stressful situation for me.

The gentlemen were wonderful, true servant leaders! Our house looks "Like it never even happened."

Wonderful service, wonderful, professional personnel. Very pleased.

Great job!

Communication was outstanding!

Professional all the way; I've never needed this before, but was totally awed by the service and professionalism of all the persons involved. Thanks!

I would have rated them a “10” if that was an option. The service was impeccable! After a 3 day trip, we came home to a flooded house. They were here in about an hour (6:pm) and stayed until 3:am removing water & taking up buckled wood flooring. The packing crew Michelle and Teresa cleared out closets, cabinets and assisted with anything I needed, as well as the rest of the crew. I was in awe of the respect and kindness each employee showed us. By the end of the week we felt like we were saying goodbye to friends. Thank You SERVPRO, you are the BEST !

All the SERVPRO representatives were extremely helpful, informative, and reassuring about outcomes after the water damage.

Keep up the good work

Overall I thought the company did a very good job.

Ernesto did a great job- I am so thankful for all the help with this water damage.

All employees were very professional and hard workers.

The two guys who came and cleaned on 12/23 did a phenomenal job

Great job!

They were very courteous.

When you go through these experiences in my case water leak it was troubling until SERVPRO showed up. Chris who originally came out to evaluate the damaged the water did had a crew here that afternoon to start setting up the equipment. Once the equipment was set up Mark Hargus was my monitoring pro who carefully watched the moister percentage in the subfloors, Mark did a great job setting up daily visits that would work with my schedule. I hope no one has to go through troubling times over accidents to your home but if you do I advise you contact SERVPRO.

We had a water problem and Allstate sent the best - SERVPRO. The flooring had to be removed and they did it quickly and with no problems. Jeff Rice came out the next two days to check on how the floor was drying. He was on time and worked quickly so I could get back to work. I will definitely recommend SERVPRO to anyone who needs to put their home back together.

Jeff exemplified the epitome of professionalism.

SERVPRO did an amazing job, cleaning up water damage from my husband's failed faucet repair.  We have water in the living room, kitchen, and wet carpet in an adjoining bedroom.  The SERVPRO team evaluated our damage, sent a crew to set up blowers and dehumidifiers, remove baseboards. The cleanup was spectacular. Someone came daily to inspect the drying process.  This is a well-organized professional group.  I highly recommend their work.

He spoke of the sense of urgency, professionalism and courtesy displayed by each and every one of the SERVPRO employees he has interacted with.   

Earlier this month I had a back up problem that required a professional! Every day I drive by the SERVPRO business on the corner of county 11 and Huntley Parkway in Pelham. I called them and that afternoon SERVPRO responded by sending out Adam Whitley for an initial inspection to the damage and planned actions.
Adam Whitley is a truly professional young man and I felt we had contacted the right company.
We agreed to start the clean up the next morning, and right on time 8:00 AM, they showed and started the clean up process. This included taking up part of our newly laid carpet and removing the pad from the front bath, down the hall and almost into the dining room. After fully cleaning up the area SERVPRO installed large dryer fan and a humidifier, which made the house sound like and airport with several B-17s waiting to take off. SERVPRO then arranged to have their carpet folks to come to the house on Monday (it was Friday now). This would give the carpet ample time to dry out. 
On Monday the carpet team arrived, installed new carpet pad and reinstalled the pulled up carpet in a true professional manner. I was truly amazed by their sense of customer service and professionalism. They truly lived up to their slogan "Like it never even happened."

If I have any other problems SERVPRO will be the company I will call. Excellent Job folks!

I could not have asked for better, more professional, and friendly service. Thank you!

Very nice service.

Chris Hooper and John Davis; they were both very kind and helpful, and they worked extremely hard and did a 'phenomenal' job.

Group was efficient, professional & customer oriented. Thanks!!!

Terrific job done!! Bill was very professional, courteous & extremely helpful during a difficult time. Thank you!

Ernesto Ragazzoni was great!

They were great!

Appreciated lock box option!

Bill and Ernesto were so good to us. Kind and professional.

Group was efficient, professional & customer oriented.

I am a satisfied customer. The people from SERVPRO seem to really care about the customer's feelings. they are so genuine in their concern. Great job. I would recommend SERVPRO to others without hesitation. 

I would like to tell you what a wonderful experience I have just had with your company. During the downpour this morning, water backed up onto my porch (enclosed) and threatened to come into my den. A call to SERVPRO and two young men, Huck & Adam, came to my rescue. They then sent Darin and Hunter to come to take care of my porch and also my basement. I have called several people who are going to look at my situation, and hopefully, to tell me what to do in the future. Thank you again and again for not only to be as willing to help me but also for the caring service people. 

Service was great, employees were very kind and courteous 

The process was great! The people were great!

Prompt, professional, courteous and exceeded my expectations.

Excellent service!

They were very responsive, thorough, follow up and communicated often and clearly!

Everyone I dealt with was great! 

Very polite and knowledgeable! 

All your men are great!

SERVPRO came to my rescue very quickly. They were prepared to get started on their job right away. Everyone who was involved in the process was mannerly, helpful, and helped me handle my situation better by assuring me that they would take care of it. They were efficient and open to my comments, questions, and suggestions. They came back often until they felt they could leave me in good shape. I would recommend them to anyone with a cleanup problem. I'll us SERVPRO if I ever have another need without

I can't say enough how great the team was. I was called within minutes of them knowing we needed their service. Everything was explained and handled. I was beyond impressed with how they communicate and consider the time of our family. They came just when they said and worked around our time. Thank you.

Everything was seamless! 

I would like for you to know your guys did an awesome job. They were very professional but cordial at the same time. We were very happy that they were able to dry us out so quickly.
From the first responder, Matt, to the tear out guy,Robert and finally the monitor Mark, they represented your company very well!
We will definitely recommend SERVPRO to anyone!

Had some water damage to my basement/den area from my washing machine. SERVPRO contacted me immediately. A nice gentleman by the name of Bill Van Deren was at my residence within an hour. He assessed the damage, had a crew come out, strip carpets, walls, etc. even came back every day to see if all the water dried up. Very impressed!!!! I highly recommend SERVPRO

You guys are great. Excellent service and professionalism. Your employees are top notch!

The daily email updates were most helpful. Thank you for the outstanding service!

Keep up the good work! The gentlemen were indeed gentlemen - courteous and very polite and professional.

First of all I want to say thank you for the great job that you guys did at our building with the clean up from the water leak Wednesday. It is great to have a partner that comes in and knows what is expected and delivers. We really appreciate all of the efforts from the entire SERVPRO crew that is working with us here at the Regions Operations Center.

She wanted to call and say how pleased she was with our services. She said that Jonathan and Pablo did a great job on her reinstall. She complimented every team member that responded to her call. She said that she was so happy that we came and she had never experienced a time that she would need our services. She stated that now when she see's the commercial with the "LITTLE GREEN TRUCKS" she will know exactly what is going on and that a great team is coming to help someone.

She wanted to let us know that she was very impressed and pleased with the service she received from our SERVPRO Team. She stated that she was so comfortable with him because of his kindness and care that he took to help her in a time when she had never experienced anything like her water damage before. She said that she was going out of town with her daughter and grandchildren and felt very comfortable leaving us with the keys and taking care of things for her.

I am writing you to tell you how impressed I am with Jeff Rice who has worked on our cleanup. He is very knowledgeable and explained the process all along the way. He was also very prompt & courteous. I told my husband of all the people who have been working on our home this month that I think he stood out as an excellent professional!

SERVPRO has been handling water damage at our house since Sept. 18th. While everyone has been courteous some have been especially kind and knowledgeable. I want to let you know about these gentleman. Josh and Dale have been to our house twice. Each time, they went out of their way to be polite. In addition to that, they explained things fully, listened to my concerns and addressed them where they could. They then did a consistent job of passing the others on to a manager.

The teams that responded to her call were above and beyond wonderful, professional, courteous and friendly and the fact that they were young men was especially impressive to her. She said "You just don't see that much anymore". She has a son and 3 daughters and said that she hoped that they would give that kind of attention and kindness to persons that they may help. It was not the first time she had a water occurrence but that this company and the teams we have were the Best!